An ultimate ₱15k guide to 7D6N winter in South Korea

To witness the snowfall is everyone’s dream especially to the ones residing in a non-four season country (e.g. me lol). Add to that, the fascination for wearing chunky, stylish winter staples. It has been a dream I could only fulfill through gliding on ice in a skating rink in our town’s shopping mall. It is sort of a “winter feel” albeit not seeing a real snow drop on my head. I couldn’t wait for that rare moment. Thus, I planned out an itinerary, packed my bags, and then flew to Seoul in December 2015. Join me as I finally witnessed the freezing cold weather in the Land of the Morning Calm. Through this post, I will share with you my exciting 7-day winter season trip to South Korea with a tight budget.

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Top 10 Apps & Stuff: Essentials to have to survive your Seoul sole travel

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Seoul City is a perfect example of a city with diverse social identity where traditional meets modernity, cultural mixes with contemporary, and authenticity creates fusion with global influence. Getting around this city is much easier when you have these things in your travel bag. Continue reading “Top 10 Apps & Stuff: Essentials to have to survive your Seoul sole travel”

Korean street food: A list for the spicy intolerant


Among all countries I have been to, South Korea (so far) has the most variety of street foods available for everyone to munch on. Continue reading “Korean street food: A list for the spicy intolerant”

Can’t get enough of cat and dog cafés? Shift to sheep café !

Coffee shops or cafés usually get a thumbs up and recommendation whenever it’s conceptualized with a one-of-a-kind approach. Dog, cat, book/study, photography art, board game, science fiction cafés – name it. They all have been the rage over the past several years. Let me share with you a café I went to in Seoul, South Korea that can definitely catch everyone’s attention. Good thing I discovered this (by accident) while reading a magazine on-board the plane to Incheon. Continue reading “Can’t get enough of cat and dog cafés? Shift to sheep café !”

Stay cheap and stay hip: Hostel Maru

Planning your future Seoul City tour on a budget? Staying at the heart of Seoul is cheaper than you think.

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10 ways to kill time in Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport has it all – public lounges, spas & saunas, casino, medical center, dry cleaning services, an ice skating rink, a golf course, etc. It may no longer has the title as “World’s Best Airport” (ranked 2nd this year 2015), but you have limitless ways to maximize your stay at the airport before you board for your flight. Here’s a list of activities you can do and facilities to go to that will make your last few hours in South Korea worthwhile. Continue reading “10 ways to kill time in Incheon International Airport”