Mt. Balagbag Climb: Guides, Photos and What to Expect

Admit it, mountain climbing is the millennials’ new trend. Social media has been a powerful tool to inspire us to plan a hike with our friends, get our bags and discover what we can see from up there. We all have that dream weekend escape from stressful academic-related or office works. Well thank God, there’s a less than two hours away mountain we can depend on. Continue reading “Mt. Balagbag Climb: Guides, Photos and What to Expect”

Canigao Island: Leyte’s Hidden Gem

Summer’s near! How would you want to spend it?

If to go beach-bumming (like of course yes) is one of your ambitious plans, this beautiful island in Matalom, Leyte must be on your beach please list! Continue reading “Canigao Island: Leyte’s Hidden Gem”