How I Scored A Cheap Flight to Bohol

Admit it, almost everyone you know wants to travel. May it be international or local travel; there are plenty of options to choose from on how you can score a cheap flight to your dream destination. Let me share to you my experience/guide how I scored a cheap flight to my first backpacking destination.

I started to realize the fun behind backpacking during my trip to Bohol. Although admittedly, I had committed a lot of mistakes during that trip, I can still say something that perfectly contradicts my recent post about the unexpected mishaps and inconvenience I encountered that time.

Since my trip to Bohol was my first ever solo backpacking experience, it was very memorable. And that doesn’t exclude how I ended up booking a low-cost flight to the beautiful province. My dream of seeing the Chocolate Hills in person was finally crossed out on my list! I would also never forget how chill I was while being served with sumptuous food and be serenaded by a local Boholano band, while cruising on Loboc River. Rode a jeepney that carried not only people, but also big buckets of fish! Lastly, felt romantic (although I was solo) in Café Lawis’ inviting ambiance and mood.

It feels like giving back to the province. My experience there was a great backpacking starter which made me more thrilled to travel solo in the future. The province didn’t fail me to appreciate what we can boast of despite its earthquake-stricken situation during that time.

So now, how did I score a cheap flight to Bohol? It’s simple. Follow these steps below:

  1. Spent a lot of time browsing different airline sites to view the hottest promo offers.
  2. Spent more time checking it from time to time.
  3. I subscribed to each airline’s newsletter.
  4. I got updated each day on the latest deals offered by them.
  5. I received an email notifying me about an upcoming seat sale.
  6. I waited for that day.
  7. The seat sale came. Faced my laptop, quickly opened the browser, and never hesitated to book that cheap flight to Bohol.
  8. Achievement unlocked: Low-cost flight to Bohol had been booked!

Basically, I just shared you how easy it was when I made that flight booking. It costed me just ₱1,173.24 for roundtrip tickets to Bohol. I know I made the right decision and actually caught the travel bug. Now you don’t have a reason not to book that Tagbilaran flight.

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