Stay cheap and stay hip: Avalon Bed & Breakfast

Vientiane, Laos may be one of the underrated backpacking destinations in Southeast Asia. But let me tell you, this city is fascinating. Our stay there was cheap and hip! Here’s how my two friends and I saved a lot of money on accommodation.


We booked 3 beds in a 10-bed Mixed Dormitory Room in Avalon Bed & Breakfast.

I was surprised when we entered the room, because there were only 3 bunk beds. I did a bit of tour inside the room and discovered that the other 2 bunk beds are placed in a separate room, still inside the room of our room. Like two rooms in one room. Which makes them spacious.

The main door to our room

It was very obvious that the room is brand new. I noticed the walls are newly-painted just by the smell of it. So I approached the owner and he told me that they just opened a week before we checked in. “You were the first ones to book”, he added. That’s history lol.

Now for the complete details of our stay…

Each bed has an individual lamp and an electric outlet. One person is given a personal locker as well. The air-conditioning unit is turned on from 6pm-9am only, but that wasn’t a problem since we’re out almost the entire day.

The staff are very accommodating and hospitable. Even the owner himself interacts with the guests. I can say that the management has already formed a system. A voucher is given upon check-in for the complimentary breakfast. The quantity depends on the number of nights of stay. You need to present it to their Croissant D’Or Café staff when claiming your breakfast.

Inside Croissant D’Or Café
My breakfast (option C)

Another thing is that there are (2) common bathrooms and (2) restrooms each floor. There’s free shampoo and free liquid soap so no need to worry about these toiletries. You can also use their bikes (best way to tour around the city) for free! Let’s not forget the free high-speed Wi-Fi.

The common bathroom and comfort room featuring my hairy legs

All these for $6/night! Go book it to stay cheap and stay hip in Vientiane!

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