5 Frequently Asked Questions I Hate Every After a Solo Backpacking Trip

Backpacking solo is the most rewarding experience I have ever done — it’s truly a great accomplishment for myself. I got to set my own list of places to go to, got there at my own pace, made friends with other nationalities, lived like a local, ate delicious authentic food foreign to my tastebuds, and on top of these, I got to be FREE!

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Café Lawis: A Spot to Spend Your Drama

Pristine white sand beaches, century-old Baroque-style churches, world-class diving spots, different adventure parks, the famous Chocolate Hills and let’s not forget the tarsiers. But Bohol is more than that, it is also home to Café Lawis.

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24 Ways to Prove that Batanes is Truly Breathtaking

The northernmost province in the Philippines is now one of the top emerging tourist destinations in the country. More and more people are coming to witness the breathtaking beauty it has, as it becomes more accessible to tourists. If you want a preview of Batanes’ charm, here I listed different ways to make your stay worthwhile. Okay I admit it, there are more ways than the ones listed here, but I promise these are the best ever! Continue reading “24 Ways to Prove that Batanes is Truly Breathtaking”