Can’t get enough of cat and dog cafés? Shift to sheep café !

Coffee shops or cafés usually get a thumbs up and recommendation whenever it’s conceptualized with a one-of-a-kind approach. Dog, cat, book/study, photography art, board game, science fiction cafés – name it. They all have been the rage over the past several years. Let me share with you a café I went to in Seoul, South Korea that can definitely catch everyone’s attention. Good thing I discovered this (by accident) while reading a magazine on-board the plane to Incheon.

Who would have thought that a domesticated animal usually seen enclosed in fancy farm fences for agricultural purposes such as wool shearing, dairy production, and ovine meat, can also be found in a café?

2015-12-04 06.32.21 1.jpg

Thanks Nature Café, also known as Sheep Café, gives you an offbeat coffee experience. Here you can order delicious waffles, hot or cold teas, coffee, shaved ice desserts, and more. The interior of the café is cozy and appealing as well.  Earth-toned to complement the nature theme concept ambience it desires to make the customers feel. You can connect to the high-speed Wi-Fi, all you need is to ask their English-speaking and very welcoming all-female baristas. Magazines are also available; majority are in Korean language. Now for the food and beverage!

Interior Thanks Nature Cafe (2)

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Request for a latté art! Their baristas are pleased to make your cup of hot drink more instagram-worthy! Waffles are gigantic in size. (Although I didn’t have the chance to take a photo of it because it was so  mouthwatering I consumed it real quick haha) Nonetheless, they look like this one below.

waffles Thanks nature cafe.jpg
photo from

Another feature is this unique tap-to-enter pass when you need to go to the restroom!

20151204_182108 (2).jpg


Now it’s time to put the spotlight on the sheep. They were lambs then, when the café opened its doors in the bustling, always on-the-go, and busy area of Hongik University in 2011 . They’re named Bocksil (male) and Mongsil (female). They regularly return back to the farm during summer season – quite sad fact but yes they do. Luckily I was able to pet them. The food pellets are placed in a plastic container, in their mini fenced home. Just drop a few pellets on your palm and feed them. It’s alright, they wont bite!

2015-12-04 06.24.18 1.jpg

Outside of Thanks Nature Cafe.jpg

Thanks Nature Café 

Location: 486, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seogyo Prugio Apartment store B121

Note: The cafe is not easy to find for it is somewhat located on the basement. You can use Waze app or Google Maps for directions. Better yet, ask a local and surely he/she knows where it is! You might just find another Korean friend! (Like what I did haha)

Hours: 11AM to 10PM

Directions: Drop off at Hongik University Station (Line 2, Exit 9) then go up hill that leads you to Hongik University’s main gate. The establishment is on your left.

Prices: ₩3,500 and up – coffee, tea, and tropical drinks

₩5,000 and up – waffles, parfait, and shaved ice desserts

Should you have any inquiry, message them thru facebook message.

Here’s me at the Sheep Cafe!

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