Stay cheap and stay hip: Hostel Maru

Planning your future Seoul City tour on a budget? Staying at the heart of Seoul is cheaper than you think.


As a budget traveler, I make sure that accommodation will never be on top of my expense list. That’s why I consistently check websites such as agoda, airbnb, and the like, to score an affordable yet favorable and safe place to stay during my tour. Cleanliness and proximity to tourist attractions are my considerations as well. In my recent South Korea tour, it was my first time to try staying in a guesthouse.





During my stay here, I met international travelers across the globe such as Russians, Belgians, French, Indonesians, Hongkongese, Japanese, and Chinese. Three of which joined me in touring around Seoul!

For about $10-$15 per night, there’s also a complimentary unlimited American breakfast served from 6AM to 10AM. The hostel is maintained by the guesthouse owners on a regular basis. Since we’re talking about South Korea, undoubtedly there is high-speed Wi-Fi too. They also provide small-sized and large-sized lockers for each guest which are totally free as well.

Hostel Maru Hongdae

Location: 27, Dokmak-ro 7-gil, Mapo-gu, Mapo-Gu, 121-895 Seoul, South Korea

(Ride Line 2 or Line 6 subway trains, then drop off at Hapjeong station. Exit 4 or 5, about 8-10 mins. walk)

To know more about their facilities, amenities and other services, read here:

20 thoughts on “Stay cheap and stay hip: Hostel Maru

  1. Wow che! Very proud of your success tour! 😀 Lets have it someday pag meron opportunity! Ikaw naman magtour sakin haha 😀


  2. Hi! my Friends and I will be there by january. would you know if they have a room that is good for 8 pax? thanks! 🙂 BTW, thank you for your itinerary! i think i might follow it! 😀


  3. Hi🤗 Thnks for giving us tips and info abt your experience in Korea.. I just want to ask if the cold weather doesnt affect your itinerary and if its tolerable (its our first to experience winter..coz me and my husband booked a flight to Korea nxt yr (January).. Thnks


    1. Hi Badette! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the weather didn’t cause any trouble with my itinerary. It was also my first winter experience, but the season was very tolerable. Enjoy your trip!


  4. Hi where exactly did you book your dorm type accomodation? Cant seem to find it, I always end up with twin room in Agoda and booking. Thanks!


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