10 ways to kill time in Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport has it all – public lounges, spas & saunas, casino, medical center, dry cleaning services, an ice skating rink, a golf course, etc. It may no longer has the title as “World’s Best Airport” (ranked 2nd this year 2015), but you have limitless ways to maximize your stay at the airport before you board for your flight. Here’s a list of activities you can do and facilities to go to that will make your last few hours in South Korea worthwhile.

  1. Get your shopping checklist done at Lotte Duty Free and Shilla Duty Free shops



From various Lotte products to international perfume and liquor brands to Korean ginseng  to local and global cosmetic brands, Lotte Duty Free offers a wide-range of products for everyone. It even has its own Louis Vuitton store – which makes it the first airport in the world to have an LV store. You can pay either Korean Won or US Dollars if you have finally decided to make a purchase. Don’t hesitate to inquire about any existing promo or discount, because surely there is!

2. Visit the Museum of Korean Culture

2015-12-14 05.21.28 2.jpg

This is a must-visit if you wish to have an overview of your cultural experience in South Korea. Korean culture and history all in a single location! Worry not because it takes only about 20 minutes to visit the whole area. The museum has the following main themes: Traditional Arts, Traditional Music, Royal Culture, and Printing/Korean Alphabet Heritage. Write your name in Hangul and keep postcards for free!

Location: 4th floor, Concourse

Hours: 7AM to 10PM

3. Public and Airline Lounges (Rest and Relax area)


If you want to take a nap or just wanna rest your feet at the same time browse through your smartphone while being connected to the airport’s high-speed Wi-Fi, I suggest you head over to public lounges or airline lounges (if you have a frequent flyer membership). These lounges made it possible for the airport to be ranked as one of the best sleeping airports in the world. If public lounge does not appeal to you, there is a pay-per-use Sky Hub Lounge available for use.

a. Public Lounges – located at Concourse gates, Passenger Terminals

b. Sky Hub Lounges:

  • USD35
  • Main Terminal, Airside, East Wing, Level 4, Transfer Service Complex, opposite Gate 11. Hours: 7am – 9pm.
  • Main Terminal, Airside, West Wing, Level 4, opposite Gate 42. Hours: 7am – 9pm

c. Airline Lounges (access via Priority Pass):

  • Asiana Lounge
  • Location: Airside, Concourse A, 4th Floor, near Gate 119.
  • Showers are available.
  • Hours: 6:00AM – 12:00AM
  • Asiana Business Lounge
  • Location: Main Terminal, Airside, West Wing, 4th Floor, near Gate 28.
  • Hours: 6:00AM – 9:00PM (Daily)
  • KAL Lounge
  • Location: Airside, Concourse A (east side), 4th Floor.
  • Hours: 6:30AM – 11:50PM
  • Matina Lounge
  • Location: Main Terminal, West Wing, Airside, 4th Floor, follow signs to the Transit Hotel.
  • Showers are available.
  • Hours: 7:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Matina Lounge
  • Location: Main Terminal, East Wing, Airside, 4th Floor, follow signs to the Transit Hotel.
  • Showers are available.
  • Hours: 7:00AM – 9:00PM

4. Channel your inner Christian Martinez

ice skating rink Incheon.jpg
photo from Pinterest

Do some figure skating in one of the coolest features (can mean literally lol) inside the Incheon International Airport is the ice skating rink that’s open all-year round. Lace up your skating boots and glide!

Location: Transportation Center, landside B1

Hours: 10AM to 8PM

Price: Adult-4,000won • Teenagers-3,000won • Children-2,000won (duration of use is unlimited)

5. Traditional Culture Experience Center

Korea Traditional Culture Experience.jpg
photo from wevemadeahugemistake.com

Haven’t satisfied immersing yourself in Korean tradition? You have nothing to worry, because another attraction to swing by is at Traditional Culture Experience wherein you can witness traditional performances including masque dances and twelve-stringed Korean harp recitals on stage. Guests, especially international tourists can also learn the traditional knotting techniques, in which they can make pencil cases, fans, and “lucky bags” that they can bring home free-of-charge.


  • East Wing – Located on the third floor departure area of Incheon International Airport, only 5 m away from gate 24, next to the sign.
  • West Wing – Located on the third floor departure area of Incheon International Airport, about 5 m away from gate 40, across from the coffee shop

Hours: 7AM to 10PM

Price: Free

6. Indoor eco-gardens

garden incheon airport.jpg
photo from dailymail.co.uk

Pay a visit to 7 indoor gardens in the airport and you would indubitably scream “awe-my-garden” lol. These gardens are full of well-maintained and well-cultivated cactus, flowers, water plants, and a lot more horticultural displays. Get inspired for your landscape design for your home!

Location: Pine Tree Garden (Millennium Hall, 1F, Passenger Terminal) • The Flowering Tree (Welcoming Hall, 1F, Passenger Terminal) • Rock Garden (Welcoming Hall, 1F, Passenger Terminal) • Flower Gardens (Welcoming Hall, 1F, Passenger Terminal) • Cactus Garden (Welcoming Hall, 1F, Passenger Terminal) • Water Gardens (Welcoming Hall, 1F, Passenger Terminal) • Four Gracious Plants Garden (East Wing & West Wing, B1, Passenger Terminal)

Hours: 24 hours, daily

Price: Free

 7. Catch the latest flicks (and more)

Cinema Incheon Airport.jpg
photo from Incheon International Airport Corporation

When I say more, it means that you can also catch other Korean dramas and films at 2 CGV Cinema theaters. There’s also no need for you to worry about language barrier, since 7 languages are available to choose from (depending on the availability per movie).

Location: near the entrance to Airport rail link (AREX)

8. Hop on transit tours

Transit tour Incheon airport.JPG

To those who definitely have so much time to spend at the airport, may it be a layover or you’re just too early for your departure, joining transit tours is the best recommendation for you to kill time. Duration of transit tours vary depending on the tour you wish to take on. A tour guide will be on-board as well for your convenience. So be mindful of the schedule of tours, your own spare time, and each transit tour’s duration. Inquire at any information desk about the schedule and where the shuttle bus picks up passengers so you can get your itinerary fixed.

Price: Rates vary depending on your chosen tour (₩10,000 to ₩100,000)

9. Spa, sauna & shower


Had an exhausting tour around South Korea? Pamper yourself and rejuvenate at Spa on Air. This establishment is complete with a sauna, showers, private sleeping rooms, meeting rooms and a snack bar. Since it is open 24 hours, visitors can lounge around as long as they want. This is also a perfect spot to experience Korean jimjilbang (bathhouse).

Location: east side of B1

Price: varies depending on the type of service you will avail (₩20,000 to ₩120,000)

10. Unlimited Wi-Fi access (and other free services)

  • All areas in the airport have Wi-Fi connection. If you plan to surf through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop until your time of departure, have a seat that’s near a charging station or electric outlets. You don’t need to worry about your gadget’s battery life.
  • The IIAC (Incheon International Airport Corporation) has also set-up desktop computers which are free to use. These are located at Passenger Terminal 4F.
  • For those traveling with children and/or infants, head over to Kids’ Zone & Nursery Room at Passenger Terminal 4F. Use of amenities inside this facility is absolutely free.
  • If needing to freshen up, there are shower facilities which are also free to use. Good thing is that toiletries are given for free as well. Located at Passenger Terminal 4F and Concourse 4F.


In addition to the impeccable kill time activities and numerous facilities mentioned above, there are also prayer rooms, phone charging stations,  medical centers, pharmacy, golf club, casino, laundry services, and IT Experience Center.

But before you plunge into any of these activities, keep an eye on your boarding time!

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